Game Audio Industry Study 2017

These are the results of the GAME AUDIO INDUSTRY STUDY 2017.

You can request a free PDF copy of the complete findings by contacting me directly via yannick[at]

Up to now, literature and previous industry surveys have presented inconsistent and in parts contradicting data about the industry of video game audio, sometimes it is not possible to draw reliable and realistic conclusions from the provided data. Regarding the importance of game audio and the size of the worldwide industry, the knowledge about industry standards and practices and the current state of the sector needs to be broadened.

It was more than necessary to do an extensive survey on the game audio industry, grounded on proper research methodology, in order to provide useful and reliable information about various topics like compensation, education or business practices.

From 7th November to 11th December 2016, I did an independent survey about the labour market and the business and working practices within the game audio industry. 138 participants contributed data to the survey.

This survey helped to gather information and data on numerous topics that have not been evaluated in game audio research yet. While some results from this study could verify those from previous ones, the empiric data of this survey indicates that some information from research literature and industry guides has to be treated carefully. The study helps to provide realistic and correct information to the pool of knowledge and information about the industry.

The results in this study are presented in five categories:
1. Work and environment
2. Education and career
3. Working and business practices in game development projects
4. Compensation and income
5. Contract terms and rights

More information on these categories can be found on their respective sub-pages.