The results of the Game Audio Industry Study 2017 are available now!

Today I am proud to release the results of the Game Audio Industry Study 2017, which I have worked on for a long time. You can read about the findings right here on this website.

The findings of the survey are presented in 5 categories:
1. Work and environment
2. Education and career
3. Working and business practices in game development projects
4. Compensation and income
5. Contract terms and rights

I am happy to see that the analysis provided important information and data on numerous topics that have not been evaluated in game audio research before.
I hope that the study can help people working or aspiring to work in game audio in their careers and that the study can be a basis and inspiration for future research in game audio.

Most of the findings are already published on this website for free. To get the complete report with all the findings (also for free!), please get in touch with me.

Don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions about the study or its results or if you have any other requests.

Thank you!

Yannick Süß